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Thorough inspections for informed decisions in Wilson, NC and surrounding areas.

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Meet Your Inspector

Hi, my name is Travis Sisk.

Home Vantage LLC strives to provide the best service and quality inspections for my clients. As a home inspector, I have the unique opportunity to help my clients understand the condition of their homes and how to properly maintain it. I pride myself on following the Residential Standards of Practice so that my clients can enjoy peace of mind. I understand the importance of a quality home inspection and I am passionate about my work. I take great pride in helping my clients and providing them with the knowledge and expertise they need to make informed decisions.


Check out our inspection services at Home Vantage LLC. We are the most certified and qualified CPI®, offering Professional House Inspection and Pre-Purchase Home Inspection services to ensure your peace of mind and safety.

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Standard Home Inspection

When it comes to inspecting homes, I follow a comprehensive Residential Standards of Practice. That means I'll carefully examine everything that's visible and accessible, both inside and outside the house. 


Wood-Destroying Organism (Termite) Inspection

Wood-destroying insects can cause serious damage to the wooden structural components of a house. They can hide and go undetected for a long time, but there are many telltale signs for different species that indicate their presence

Radon Gas Testing

Radon is a natural gas and the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the U.S. Approximately 1 in 15 homes has high radon levels. The Surgeon General and EPA advise testing all houses. Join millions of Americans and get your home tested for radon.​

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At Home Vantage LLC We Conduct Thorough Inspections to Ensure Its Utmost Care and Attention.

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Tips for homebuyers

Download for Free

Hey there! We're thrilled to offer you an incredible free booklet near you! Once you download it, you'll uncover some invaluable tips tailored to Wilson, NC and surrounding areas to ensure your real estate transaction goes smoothly and swiftly.


Our InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector at Home Vantage LLC has put together this fantastic resource just for you.

So, why wait? Click that download button now to get your hands on the Tips for Homebuyers Book and enjoy a happy reading experience, ensuring a well-informed decision for your property journey.

We Educate Our Clients

During the home inspection at Home Vantage LLC, our top priority is to educate you on how your house functions and how to maintain it properly, just as an Experienced Home Inspector. We'll share valuable tips on conserving home energy to save you money. Moreover, we're aware of the scientific evidence linking housing conditions to human health, so we'll make sure your home supports your well-being and provides a healthy living environment for you and your loved ones. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, so you can rest assured we've got you covered, ensuring a safe and comfortable home with guidance from our Tips for Homebuyers Book provided by Home Vantage LLC.

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How it works

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How to maintain it

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How to save energy

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